Zf8 gearbox tuning

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ZF 8HP Transmission Fluid Level Check - No Dipstick

Upgrading a transmission these days is far more complicated not just due to the hardware but the increasingly sophisticated software. Sticky -PM. Originally Posted by idct. Malaka1 -PM.

zf8 gearbox tuning

So this will just increase shift speed? Sticky2 -PM. Originally Posted by Malaka1. Cancel Changes. Quick Membership. Boost brought to you by:. Popular articles. Coronavirus begins to claim automotive The economy coming to a standstill due Well, how about this? Injecting methanol directly into compressor This topic was discussed previously Lexus RC F takes on current turbo and The Lexus RC F is a tremendous failure Hey guys, here at VTT we have been New Forum Posts. Let's point and laugh at Clalinde Yesterday, PM.

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AL551 ZF8 Tuning

Copyright BoostAddict.We offer three stages of tune for the ZF gearboxes, all set up slightly differently to suit different styles of driving.

We start off by connecting the car up to a battery support unit. This is very important as the TCU is sensitive to voltage drops when programming — a voltage drop can cause failure of the TCU unit, and leave the car undriveable. We then perform a full diagnostic health check to ensure there are no existing faults or problems with the gearbox. At this point the car is then able to accept any of the OTS maps depending on customers preference. Tuning your gearbox is not only about getting quicker or holding more power.

An automatic transmission is deeply involved into vehicle dynamics and contributes to the overall driving experience. From crawling in traffic, motorway driving or taking your vehicle to a track day, the TCU widely defines how your car feels. The same way that everyone drives differently with a manual, the maps inside the TCU hide the secrets to tweaking your automatic transmission to your personal liking.

Preferred method of contact: E-mail Phone. All you need is a valid debit card from which the payments can be taken.

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Get in touch for more info. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.For quite some time now BMW has been relying rather heavily on one particular part for the entirety of the model line-up — The brilliant 8-speed gearbox. In his most recent upload, he happened to drive the brand new BMW X7 and, since that car is fitted with different variations of the 8HP gearbox, he probably got the idea to explain why this is the best automatic cog-swapper in the world.

A number of factors contribute to this bold claim. The main reason why this gearbox is so loved has a lot to do with the way it changes gears, the upshifts and downshifts being silky smooth. Furthermore, the ZF unit is also more efficient while also coming close to dual-clutch units in terms of speed. This is such a popular unit that ZF built 3. The latest iterations are found in high-performance cars like the F90 M5where shifts are so fast, you could easily mistake this torque-converter unit with a DCT gearbox.

Jason goes through a lot of details in the video below, so you might want to watch the whole things to learn a couple new things. As a matter of fact, remember ….

As a premium brand, the cost of entry is quite high for the Bavarian brand, …. BMW introduced a new instrument cluster a few years back, part of its new design for the cabins of contemporary models. Its official name is …. Video: How to customize the new digital BMW instrument cluster BMW introduced a new instrument cluster a few years back, part of its new design for the cabins of contemporary models.I've just had an email from Celtic Tuning regarding gearbox tuning for the ZF8 box, has anyone had this done or experiences?

So, what are the benefits of tuning your ZF8 gearbox? All automatic gearboxes have maximum torque limits which prevent the engine from developing its potential maximum power. As an example, the 8HP45X as fitted to the 2. The NM is for 3rd and 6th gears while all others are Nm. Once we have lifted the limiters, the engine makes around NM from our stage 1 tune in EVERY gear, which is a minimum of 70NM in 3rd and 6th gained over a stage 1 tune alone".

All I keep hearing is words like well it has not broke in x or simply we have not had one break yet. Not really that great if and likely more so when it does. Clearly this retuning is there enhance that aspect but I do wonder if these have been put in place to overcome weaker points of the 'box.

Or the rest of the driveline or the suspension or brakes I can't help thinking if BMW build on a cushion, it's there for a reason. I'm sure they would offer it as a lucrative option if they could extract additional cash from a buyer with no risk of increased warranty claims.

But as I've said, I'm no expert so my logic may be flawed. Because there are safe limits that can be reached which are still higher than what comes out of the box with your car in stock form.

Speak to Mark: Mashed Potatoes about gearbox tuning; he'll give you a good idea of what can and can't be done. Yes agreed, on how to shorten the life of your gearbox, in the same way that an engine remap will shorten it by introducing more power and torque into the transmission.

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Instead of surmising what might happen, just try to think of a list of people you know who have had major issues due to remapping. For myself I've remapped every car I've had in the last odd years with no issues at all.

As has been said elsewhere the people who develop these maps aren't engineering novices hell-bent on destruction, but are relatively expert in increasing power and often economy too within safe limits. Many most? Has anyone here heard of a more recent gearbox or turbo failing-the first generation M57 diesels seemed to chew them up far more regularly even when there were comparatively few around.

Thats fine - it's a purely personal decision, but it's not to say that remapping is inherently dangerous. But that's not the same thing as thinking that a remap or any non-stock tuning will drastically reduce mechanical life.

Your other point about ignoring road holding and braking are valid though, though perhaps only for significant power increases. I would trust them with engineering the longevity of their transmissions before a remap specialist. Bobo, don't accuse me of scaremongering, if many manufacturers void their warranty following a remap, is it not for a reason?

They are set by the vehicle manufacturer, i. Most people won't keep a car long enough to find out that the life of the engine, transmission etc is shortened. How do these aftermarket tuners know what is safe? Short answer, I don't think they do.

Manufacturers spend huge amounts of money developing components, test them to destruction under extreme conditions in some cases. What testing have they done to be able to promise that?Remember Me? Is it possible to flash ZF8 to behave like this? More punchy and engaging? This is mi racing, stock transmission, different software. Appreciate 1. Have you tried sport mode with shifter to the left in S mode?

Feels punchy to me like a DCT. Nope, still haven't test drove car, but according to forum and magazines, they say zf is a lot smoother disconnected than dct.

Appreciate 0. Lieutenant Colonel. It can handle alot of power before any issues, probably whp without an issue for a long period of time. That being said, you cannot flash the tranny. BMW Motorsport is the only one able to perform that function for the miR spec cars. These cars are also maxed at whp, so if you do any tuning, your going to have more power than it. Second Lieutenant.

Just a thought, but maybe the gutted out interior creates a sound illusion of the shifts being more aggressive Last edited by starvmarv; at AM. Alot of tuners can do transmission tune also. Alpina has switchtronic, a lot people from E90post have done it and find it better than stock so I assumed it is possible.

Main complaint about zf is that it lacks of 'emotion' and connection when compared with dct but I guess only way to find out that is to try out both cars. Sorry for bad English. It really sounds to me like it's all exhaust that you're hearing. Like mentioned above, less sound dampening with interior removed so the exhaust is louder.

My shifts seem louder as well, very similar to that video, ever since I went catless and Remus cat back exhaust. Do you track your car? How do you like fast downshifts?

There is none available for our platform. I posted here because I thought it is the same drivetrain. They are taking the TCU from a completely different car and hoping it works.

If you read the threads, most ppl say it does nothing.We also have self tuning options available here: www.

DiabloSport Now Supports ZF-8 Speed Transmission Tuning

We hope everyone stays safe at these times. We've been developing the software for a while now on the BMW ZF8 automatic gearbox software which we are finally able to offer our customers and our worldwide dealer network. So, what are the benefits of tuning your ZF8 gearbox?

All automatic gearboxes have maximum torque limits which prevent the engine from developing its potential maximum power. As an example, the 8HP45X as fitted to the 2. The NM is for 3rd and 6th gears while all others are Nm. Once we have lifted the limiters, the engine makes around NM from our stage 1 tune in EVERY gear, which is a minimum of 70NM in 3rd and 6th gained over a stage 1 tune alone.

We are currently working on changing gear shift points and line pressures so there's more to come. See below for the data logged charts. Contact Us Request Quote. An ECU Remap for your exotic car can significantly improve your driving experience. With improved power and fuel economy one simple step away. Tuning your truck can improve your pulling power and fuel economy.

ZF 8HP transmission

See how Celtic Tuning can help you and your fleet. Towing power is essential for any farmer.

zf8 gearbox tuning

Improve the power and fuel economy of your tractor with an ECU Remap. Select Your Vehicle.Buy license now. Walied Jackson Installed xHP Flashtool and loaded stage 1 2 and 3 Maps and it had quite a significant performance enhancement Jeff Ballard Worked exactly as expected and described. Reflashed the 8 speed auto in a BMW i to Stage 2 and Garrett Gauer I did not think a trans tune would make a huge difference.

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I will admit I was completely wrong! Zac Bernasconi I dont feel xHP do enough to explain the benefits of their flash for 8hp transmissions. I was sceptical but took the plunge away, and Enables unlimited flashing for a single vehicle, already includes all Customization Functions and enables to buy and flash our OTS Map Packs!

Buy online now! You can change between Maps as often as you like and combine each Map with our powerful Custom-Functions! Unlock the hidden potential of your Automatic Transmission with our updated Gearbox Maps!

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Easy and simple to use at home, you can safely improve the overall performance of your BMW, get access to hidden features and enjoy faster shifts just within minutes! Our Stages are developed individually per vehicle at our site. Features and setup may vary depending on your vehicle. Please search for your vehicle in our finder, to see a detailed description for your very vehicle!

All Stages are developed within the transmissions limits and millions of miles already driven on our setups are the best proof for reliability of our setups and the durability of the best-in-class ZF Auto — Transmissions used by BMW!

zf8 gearbox tuning

Stage 1 files are made to enhance mileage and comfort. Shiftpoints are adapted to make optimal use of your engines torque and keep revs low and steady all the time. Gearbox Torque Limiters are removed to open the way for proper operation when paired with tuned engines. Stage 2 files focus on the sporty aspects, without compromising comfort.

Shiftpoints and Clutch-Pressures are adapted to speed up shifting and reduce reaction times. Stage 3 Maps are made for everyone having fun driving fast and going to race-tracks. While the standard D-Mode mostly retains factory smoothness the Sport and Manual modes are optimized for the fastest shifts possible. Our intuitive interface and detailed manual will guide you safely through the whole process.

Don't want to flash your car by yourself? Don't want to read into the details? You have no Android device? No problem.

Search our dealer network, to find someone do the work for you! Find your closest flashpoint. Check Support for your car.

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